If you can tell me who are the sevadars behind Sikhi To The Max, then you may win a virtual hug.

Sikhi To The Max (or STTM for the geeks out there) Version 2.0 was released on March 28 with fancy new features, presentation methods and an updated interface that looks and functions eerily similar to Office 2007. You can now search using full English phrases, save your searches, and create PDF files and Powerpoint slides as well. Much of the bani (Amrit Kirtan, Dasam Granth, Nitnem) has been added or updated. And the updates keep coming: some recent ones were made on April 12.

Want an overview of the new additions and a quick primer? Take a peek at the 7-minute long tutorial: http://www.sikhnet.com/downloads/sttm2.wmv

And I just recently learned of the PDA version. Nice!

Virtual hug, anyone?