Props to Sikhswim for bringing attention to Sukhvir Singh’s uplifting story published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on April 21. Props to the Editorial Staff at the PI for publishing the following Letter to the Editor three days later:

Thank you for Robert L. Jamieson Jr.’s aptly titled Tuesday column, “Meet the opposite of a ‘terrorist'” and describing the shared experience of Sikhs through the story of Sukhvir Singh. Singh’s principles are a reflection of his faith and the values of his adopted nation; his belief in compassion, humility and forgiveness is a defining attribute of both the Sikh and American identity.

As a Sikh born, raised, educated and working in the United States I carry the pride of my country in my heart by remembering that my success and comforts are a result of each and every immigrant’s trials and tribulations. I, like all Americans, am hopeful that the hate and intolerance plaguing our national and worldwide community can be reversed with education, reflection, shared discussion and articles such as Jamieson’s.

You can find it temporarily here.

Props to media outlets that don’t push for spin or outrageously unbalanced headlines but rather honest and fair stories that resonate with the larger community.