Each time I take a look at the Sikh Research Institute’s schedule of upcoming events I hold my breath. Why? I am rarely in the same locale as where their fantastic and engaging lectures are given. And I often can’t make it when they are in my neighborhood. In response to what must have been years of whining from hypercarbic sangat like me, the Institute announced the launch of a series of online-workshops or webinars. Now folks who live outside of Toronto, Texas, California, or the UK can take part in live interactive web seminars and engage with presenters and other attendees in real-time. The first webinar series will center around the themes of Sikhi (A Gurmat Framework), Bani (The Idea), Tavarikh (The Revolution) and Rehit (The Lifestyle) and address key historical, social and theological topics of importance to the Sikh community. Register here for the first of four 90-minute sessions to be held on September 13 at 12:00PM CST. The first four sessions are free; afterwards there will be a weekly registration fee.

A great big thank you to the Institute for their wonderful seva directed towards the global Sikh community.