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Who’s going to join me in running the Boston Marathon as an unregistered bandit and covering those 26.2 miles without ending in last place? Fine, I’ll make it even less challenging: how about just imagining to do so?

Perhaps the legendary “Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh will… or maybe not. For one, he would easily be a time-qualifier. And after what he did today, well, lets just say that the Boston Marathon is a bit beneath him.

Milkha Singh, a three-time Olympian in the 1956, 1960 and 1964 games, carried the Olympic torch through New Delhi in a ceremonial closed route. He had the distinct honor of leading the relay even before the torch changed hands.

“When you are in the Olympic Games, you are a part of the Olympic family,” said Singh, retracing his old days in the Olympics. “Everybody is coming the Olympic Games for competing of course, but more importantly is to make friends, to learn things of different cultures and extending understandings with smile and greetings. Today, it’s another great day for me to be part of the Olympic Games, it’s a day looking back and looking forward for a better world.” (

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But get this: he wasn’t the only Sikh representative in the torch relay. As the second torchbearer, he handed the Olympic flame to Gurbachan Singh Randhawa, the Chinese ambassador in New Delhi (second person from left in the picture).

You must be thinking I forgot all about the Beijing and human rights abuse controversy. I promise, I haven’t. I won’t comment on the number (17,000) of security personnel India provided for the torch to pass through a 2.3 kilometer stretch over 40 minutes without protest and interruption. I won’t comment on China’s arbitrary detention, threats and harassment against peaceful Tibetan protesters and its general disregard for human rights either. For now, I’ll leave this with happy thoughts– thoughts similar to those of spokesman Qu Yingpu: that the Olympic flame represents friendship, peace, and progress.

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A group of athletic and like-minded Sikhs in Texas make up the roster of Team Khalsa. Each player signs a contract promising to abide by the teachings of the Guru Granth: to not smoke, drink, do drugs, or cut one’s hair.

Check out the orange jerseys and all those awesome layups and passes. (Fast forward to 3:45 and you’ll see what I mean.) Now how heavy is that?!

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