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The city of Brampton, Ontario, home to more than 30,000 Sikhs, is more than just a place where you can find fresh and perfectly made chole pature at any time of the day.  It is where the sangat is a recognizable political force with considerable purchasing power as evidenced by some of the photos below.

The community has worked for years to have their local emergency room graced with the title Guru Nanak Emergency Department of the William Osler Health Center.


And don’t forget to reserve part of your day for a trip through the stacks of Sikh literature at Sacha Sauda. If you need some extra brain food, you can stop for a quick bite right next door at Rasoi.


The photos above are just a glimpse of what Brampton has to offer; if you have a chance to visit take me along with you!


Folks in the tri-state area may still be talking about Mr. Caberwal’s likeness plastered on a wall in Rockefeller Center, but images of Sikhs have long been incorporated into various forms of art in the United States. Walk along the meandering streets of Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts and you may just come upon this cheerful wall mural. Pay attention, though. I managed to miss it completely the two times I walked by. Good thing editors at Sikhswim have better eyes than I do. Although now that I look at our smiling representative Singh closely he doesn’t seem to be wearing a kara

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Photo credit: Sikhswim